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Summer 2017 Info + Schedule

Our Summer Session Runs Tuesday, July 11th to Thursday, August 18th. We will be accepting registration for all summer programs during regular studio hours through Friday, June 30th.

Call (718) 279 - 3980 for more information.


There will be a $10.00 per child nonrefundable registration fee for all summer sessions. Tuition for summer programs must be paid in full no later than Tuesday, July 11th.


Tuition is nonrefundable. Register Now for Summer and Fall and pay only the $15.00 Fall Registration Fee.

Summer Camps: Camps meet 3 times per week for 6 weeks.

Creative Arts Camp:
Ages 3-4 yrs (dancers should be either entering nursery or pre-k in
September) Students will participate in an hour long Creative
Movement Class that is integrated with popular Early Childhood
books, encouraging students to use imaginative movement to
connect with important literacy skills. The second hour of class will
consist of snack, stories and arts and crafts that connect with the
first hour of dance.

Dancing Day Camp:
Ages 5-6 years (students should either be entering kindergarten or
1st grade in September) This class will consist of a more dance
focused curriculum in ballet, tap & jazz during the first hour. After a
brief snack will use arts & crafts, music and video to enhance the
material covered during their dance classes.

Dance Technique Camp:
Ages 7-9 years (for students entering 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade.) Dance
camp focusing solid basic technique for Beginner and Intermediate
dancers. Students will take an hour long ballet class each day and
then are introduced to a variety of dance styles, such as Tap, Jazz,
Lyrical, Modern, and Hip-Hop

Summer Classes: Classes meet 1 time per week for 6 weeks.


Creative Movement
Ages 3 to 4. Combines song and dance with basic ballet technique.
*Students must be potty trained.

Combo 1: Tap/Ballet:
Ages 4 to 5. Gives an introduction to the beginner steps in these
styles and incorporates creative movement principles of space,
shape, movement quality and song.

Combo 2: Tap/Jazz:
Ages 5-6. Builds upon the tap technique taught in combo I and
give introduction to basic jazz dance.

Ages 7 and Up. The most classical form of dance for the more
disciplined dancer. Provides students with a foundation for all types
of dancing, including the elements of poise grace and balance.

Ages 7 and Up. Style of dance that focuses on rhythm, sound clarity
and variety in speed.

Ages 7 and Up. A stylized form of dance generated from today’s
popular music and musical theatre.

Ages 8 and Up. Combines both ballet and jazz technique with
expression and emotion. Students who register for Lyrical must
also take Ballet.

Ages 8 and Up. Based on the elements of contraction, breathe and
the body as a vehicle for natural movement.

Ages 5 & Up. Incorporates dance and gymnastics and increases
flexibility. All students registered for Acro must also be taking ballet
and/or jazz.

Hip Hop
Ages 8 and Up. Fun, free form style of dancing seen in today’s
music videos and dance clubs.

Musical Theatre
Ages 7 & Up. Students will learn repertoire from the Broadway
Musicals of yesterday and today. The students will be encouraged
to explore characterization in their dancing as well as further their
technical background as a jazz dancer. Prerequisites for this class
include: Ballet and Jazz.

For the intermediate to advanced dancer, should have at least 7
years of dance experience, including ballet and jazz. Dancers
create their own movement based on exploration exercises.
Dancers will work on understanding movement dynamics and
qualities and how they can be changed and manipulated to create
accents within choreography. They will work on level changes and
how to initiate movement from different parts of the body.

Full Schedule Below
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